Model: Mockup by canva.com

GLOW is a limited luxury brand for professional makers founded in 2021.

People behind GLOW are awesome individuals who always try to see the world from a different perspective. We always find a way, no matter what it takes. GLOW is not only the brand, it’s our vision and mission. Once something catches our attention and dedication we give everything to achieve the best possible result, no matter what it’s about. We dream big and believe that this world needs us. And what about you?

Every single piece is a dedication to minimalism, oversized street wear and the beauty of life. A commitment to passionately create your dreams while accepting failure. But GLOW is not only high end fashion merch. GLOW is also an Interactive Art Collective and part of the 48fps Creative Hub. GLOW is commitment. The very first collection is called Muse.


Synonyms: Euphoria, Discipline, Motivation, Passion, Floating, Advanced, Remix, Flow, Dedication, Love, Dream, Forward, Point of View, Out of the box, Unique, State of the art, Sampling, Collaboration, Style, Essential, Growth, The Power of Now, Development.