F*ck what people say!

GLOW™️ is a luxury fashion brand. 

GLOW is an upcoming luxury fashion brand for creators and professional makers. We proudly introduce our new brand GLOW.

But this is not only about the brand. This is a vision and our mission: The very first collection is a dedication to streetwear, minimalism and the beauty of life. And it is a dedication to yourself. A commitment to passionately create your dreams while accepting failure. All pieces and materials are 100% made in germany. Fair and carbon-friendly produced – promised! Behind the brand, we are a bunch of ambitious and creative people who love to make dreams come true: We are full of love. Let´s confuse people who are full of shit. Besides, the brand is part of an exclusive art collective of beautiful-minded people and ambassadors.

  • Every single product is limited to 48 pieces.
  • 20% of your order are re-invested in the Creative Hub
  • 100% Fair Produced
  • Made in Germany

We want to create something awesome together und are looking for talented and passionate characters to vibe with. GLOW is kicked forward by hosts based in Cologne (GER). Friends and supporters are carefully selected people from around the world including creators, artists, designers, dj´s, dreamers and rebels. Convert your energies — positive and negative ones — into something that matters. Work for your dreams and give everything to achieve the best possible result. Let’s create something awesome together. GLOW is not only the brand, it’s a vision and mission. Want to be part of?


Synonyms: Euphoria, Discipline, Motivation, Passion, Floating, Advanced, Remix, Flow, Dedication, Love, Dream, Forward, Point of View, Out of the box, Unique, State of the art, Sampling, Collaboration, Style, Essential, Growth, The Power of Now, Development.